The wooden sticks come in wide range and they have their own significance in respect to elders and also in the vintage décor. Especially, the wooden sticks that are actually made up of rosewood are considered to be of high-quality. Akin Handicraft is one of the best wooden walking sticks suppliers in India that offer a wide category of wooden items in which this wooden stick is one of the prominent assets.

We offer the complete wooden walking sticks, wooden sticks with brass handle, wooden walking stick with brass ring and many other styles that can suit your comfort level. Interestingly, our clients are always happy to buy these products from us as we always try our level best to ensure the quality of products.


Mainly, the walking sticks made up of rosewood are used by the elders of the home for support in walking. As these sticks are quite comfortable in holding and walking, they are considered to be quite reliable and durable. Besides that, these sticks can also be kept at home for witnessing your love towards to the antique assets. This generally helps in enhancing the décor of the room or your home. Also, this product can be used by any senior member of the house, whenever they feel to find the support in walking. 


In the present time, due to bad schedule and hectic work lifestyle, the bone density of many people is getting low with pace of time that ultimately causes difficulty in walking. So, if you feel the same for your grandparents, then must buy this product for your benefit. Moreover, if you want to have a product in your house that can render an antique look or can aid in enhancing the décor of your astounding house, then you must keep this wooden stick as the evidence of early style. These antique assets always help in improvising the aura of your place and also influence your guests with its quality.

Also, in the wooden sticks menu, anyone can find the best ever products for the grandparents, father or mother. In the wooden items category, the wooden sticks Father’s Day special gift a wooden stick can be one of the best option for you to surprise your parents with the nicest gift from one of the top Wooden Walking Sticks Suppliers. 


We understand there is lot of competition in the present time but we also know that we always ensure the quality of our every product. We never compromise in the quality and quantity section of our all the products. Our all the products are specially designed by the ardent artists of India, who have the deep knowledge of design and quality.

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