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When talking about the wooden items, we can never ever forget about the wooden jewellery boxes that are amazing in their appearance. Here at Akin Handicraft, we offer wide range of the jewellery boxes that are exclusive in their look and they are made up of high quality materials. Not only jewellery boxes but we also offer many designer and fascinating looking money banks, designer games, jewellery rack, letter racks and many other essential things that can ease your work and amplify your house look.


There are many types of the games that lies in this category for example, the bowling game, car, dice and domino game, card game, card with dice game, cribbage, double card dice game, solitaire, tic tac game, wooden dice set, wooden puzzles, and many other games. Importantly, all these games are made up of high quality rosewood, which makes it a reliable and durable product. These games can be used for playing and also these games can be help in adding star to your décor as these wooden games are designed so well that they always render beauty.



The world is full of so many things that it might take entire life to explore and discover all the aspects. In the entire cosmos, the world of games is the secret come prettiest part of everyone’s life. Everyone loves to play different kinds of games and interestingly the nice and intriguing games are liked by most of the people. Talking about the games then the wooden games can’t be left behind. There are many types of classic wooden games that can lure your heart and minds as they are so beautifully designed that it always makes the heart to become fan of it. You can buy wooden games in bulk from Akin Handicraft. We are one of the best wooden board games suppliers in India.

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