The wood used in wooden games is  itself is a great material when it comes to eco-friendly nature which not only is known for its wonderful appearance but also its durability through ages. At a time when ecological concerns are high, the trend has been to move away from wood as a building material in order to prevent deforestation, in part as an attempt to manage greenhouse gasses.


However, a closer look at the reasons for this thinking can prove to be
slightly off track. Wood has several advantages that help both the builder
and the environment. 

Wood’s lower VOC impact is of particular benefit to homes and offices that are occupied on a daily basis. In fact, one of the things wood does give off is a natural organic compound that relaxes people–it’s not just the warmth of wood’s color that creates such an inviting effect.
For being a relatively lightweight building material, wood outperforms even
steel when it comes to breaking length (or self-support length).

Why wooden games?

When wood kept in our houses creates a healthy environment replacing plastics wood is even beneficial to the atmosphere and its long-lasting property makes it more than Antiques too. Some of the reported health benefits of using wooden games include:

 • Improved emotional state, and self-expression

 • Improved air quality by moderating humidity, encouraging easier breathing 

• Feelings of warmth and comfort

 • Lower blood pressure, heart rate, and stress levels

wooden chess board

Solid wooden games allow you to remain environment friendly even at low costs. There are plenty of quality wooden toys on the market that won’t leave a hole in your wallet, and are actually more complex than you may think. When children are playing with toys, they aren’t just keeping busy; they’re doing some serious learning, too. Research points to unstructured playtime—open-ended, simple wooden toys, for example—as both valuable and favored over classroom time.

Children’s imaginations soar as they play with things that don’t have an
obvious, single-use. Any toys performed by youthful children undergo a
great beating and so needs to be produced from sturdy materials. Wood is
fantastic for making puzzles. It never bends overweight and so the picture
never creases, making it not just a single-use toy easily breakable!
There’s nothing more powerful than a child’s imagination. One of the benefits of gifting them wooden games/toys over plastic toys is that it nurtures their creativity. While plastic toys have more features, designs, and sound effects, wooden toys force them to open up their imagination and invent new ways of playing with them. It will spark their natural curiosity and help them develop motor skills, problem-solving skills, hand-eye coordination, social skills and so much more!
They’re such an important part of a child’s development but with so many toys at their fingertips, you need to be sure that they’re safe from any harmful chemicals. Natural toys made of wood don’t pose the same threat as synthetic toys do.
You’ll find that some plastic toys contain a combination of chemicals that could end up causing more danger than they’re worth. Moreover, children have small hands, so they will uncover less complicated.

wooden puzzle


Some of the Benefits of Wooden Puzzle Include:

Develop eye-hand co-ordination: By picking up, manipulating, and placing wooden blocks and pegs. Obviously you cannot develop this style of co-ordination when playing games in the app form because there you see is all virtual and default. Moreover you cannot analyse what you are doing actually. 

• Motor Skills: Piling puzzle games improve children’s small and precise
movements which can lead to enhanced handwriting and typing skills. The
skills that are developed in stacking games are not applied when a game
participates in in-app form.

Improve Memory Skills: Disentanglement puzzles, in particular,
require a lot of backtracking on your moves, this requires your brain to store
patterns, and they require a level of thinking that is abesnt in most tablet
and smartphone-based games. 

wooden games

Problem Solving: You can’t cheat a puzzle, either piece fit or they don’t. Your child has to develop critical thinking skills in order to solve the puzzle; it’s not simply a case of tilting the tablet or sliding your finger around.

Patience: Wooden Puzzles take time and need to be worked through – satisfactions are not instantaneous. Tablet games, are designed for sudden satisfaction, without any hard work and keeping you hooked and playing invariably. 

Gift giving: They make serious-minded, informative gifts – most of our accomplished puzzles can actually be used as decorations.


wooden puzzle

These types of games when played in tablets or smartphones affect our eyesight and also they would make us miss out on the chance to build our sensory development. Though tablets do provide a wide variety of puzzle options, they do not provide the complete experience unlike having an actual puzzle in your hands.
Wooden toys will not pollute your home with unwanted chemicals – as opposed to plastic toys that contain chemicals and toxins that you don’t want anywhere near your child. Be especially wary of older toys that have been handed down through the family or picked up a second hand – they may come from time with less rigorous safety testing. Wooden toys from safe sources do not carry the same risks at all and are safe for your baby to gum in their teeth which means no overlooking your little kids and Relax!!!

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