Pure Copper Luxury Jug with 4 Glass Drinkware Accessories

  • Copper Jug exudes a certain old and well-traveled flair. Fill your decanter and let it sit overnight so that the copper can gently and naturally clean your water and positively charge your water with trace copper mineral. The copper jug will undoubtedly be a conversation starter in your home.
  • Specially Designed for Home, Restaurant, Bars and Catering Services, Tumbler Dia 2.6″, Depth 3.4″, capacity 240 ml, Weight 110 grams per pc.
  • Jug with Lid Height – 9″, Dia – 4.75″, Depth – 7.5″, Width – 7″, capacity – 1750 ml, Weight – 425 Grams
  • Product-Copper Jug with Glass


Copper utensils and serving copperware helped to prevent the spread of diseases. In many tests, it showed that 99.9% of the bacteria on copper alloy surfaces (with 65% or greater copper content) were eliminated within 2 hours of exposure. According to research at Southampton University in the U.K., MRSA microbes remain alive on stainless steel surfaces for up to three days, whereas the same microbes on a copper surface are eliminated within 90 minutes. These Copper serving ware are preferred because it is durable and it has excellent characteristics. The ageless use of copper bears testimony to its myriad virtues and everlasting appeal. Its therapeutic value has been handed down to us through the ages. In fact, water stored in copperware is virtually the elixir of life. Purified, it helps to regulate digestion and cardiac orders, the basis of good health, as practiced by Ayurveda and Rishis from old Vedic times. Care Tips: * Clean your copperware by hand and avoid dishwasher as the detergent can cause oxidation leading to permanent damage. * Use a solution of equal quantities vinegar or lemon juice and salt diluted with some water at such times but don’t use it regularly. * Avoid scratchy cleaners like steel wool. * A simple, soft cleaning liquid on soap base, hot water, and a soft washing cloth is best for daily use.


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