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Our Indian Tradition Handicraft

When it comes to handicraft, culture and art, India is a very rich country in this. The people of India are greatly involved in creating high-quality handmade products. You can find a variety of handcrafted products available in the Indian markets that have earned immense popularity in the global market as well. These handicrafts represent the tradition and culture of India. They are used in important means to preserve the country’s rich heritage, culture, traditional art, talents, and skills. India is one of the key manufacturer and supplier of Indian handicrafts.

These products offer great opportunities for employment in India and have become an important step to foray into international markets. The handicraft industry in India is quite labour-intensive, decentralized and cottage based. It is spread around the whole country, mainly in rural areas and small towns. Also, this industry is a key income source for the rural people, including a large portion of men and women belonging to weaker sections of Indian society.  INDIAN handicrafts plays a very essential role in contributing  greatly to the Indian economy’s success.

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Handicraft products are manual skills and there is no use of machines. Handicraft has a wide variety of handmade products that are completely made by hand or using only simple tools. This is a traditional method of crafting. In this method skilled people create different types of items and convert them into decorated pieces of wood, paper, stone, rock, and many more which are made by simple and cheap tools. India has an art of making crafts by hand. We are going to discuss the benefits of buying handicrafts. Let us  have a look at this.


People value an object more when led to believe it contains authenticity, for example, if they were told it was a work of art. Products like Jewellery or gems have more value in society. People care for these products more. If you are looking to gift a special product to your loved ones, then without any doubt, go with handicraft items.

These products are made by hand , which makes it more environmentally sustainable. A wide variety of  handicraft products are available to you such as WOODEN CHESS FROM AMRITSAR , NAUTICAL ITEMS FROM ROORKEE, WOODEN HANDICRAFT AND WOODEN GAMES FROM SAHARANPUR AND NAGINA , COPPER & BRASS ITEMS FROM MORADABAD . India is very popular for these handicraft items. These products are getting immense popularity in International markets.

Wooden chess board
Copper bottle


Handicraft products are the most quantified and prevalent. People like buying more of handmade goods these days as they are made by hand not machinery and did not come from big Industries . The handmade goods are very fewer, so whatever you use, wear or purchase for decorating your home is mostly unique. 

Wooden Sand Timer by akin handicraft


Each gift has a connection with a moment, a person, a place, a conversation, a meeting, and other memorable things. Not a single thing is made or manufactured keeping in mind a sole purpose of the gift instead that each thing becomes special when the feelings, memories, love, and efforts are added to it .  So, when an out of box approach connects with a particular thing, it is called a gift. But here the point is why should we use or present a hand-made gift to others.

Handicrafts are always a better choice and option for any kind of gifting e.g Corporate, Wedding, House warming etc . The reason is it has unique touch which is not available in big brand gifts. Everything that is made in this universe had a purpose, little or more efforts, a motto behind its existence, and has a connection with other things, does not matter that particular thing is made by nature, with the help of technology or with hands. But there is a difference between a handmade thing and other things. A handmade thing possesses special feelings and attachment because of individual efforts that are put to make someone feel special. Handmade gifts are not manufactured in industries so there is no concern about environmental issues or pollution. Handmade gifts can be made by using any sort of material or even by reusing and recycling the old products, ,hence contributing to the protection of environment . 

compass from akin handicraft

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