COVID-2019- a pandemic attack

We AKINHANDICRAFT on this special day hoping for a good health for you and your family be safe and avoid going outside as much as you can is this pandemic situation.

Memorial Day is finally here, which usually means barbecues, tons of sun, and 

 the start of summer. As school starts to finally wind down, plans of heading 

out to the beach or just having a good time with friends are starting to be 

made before finals and goodbyes happen. While we don’t know how we’ll be 

able to celebrate Memorial Day this year, as the Coronavirus Pandemic has put

 many events on pause, the long weekend is the unofficial start to summer —

 and that’s definitely something worth posting about

In December 2019, a completely unique virus called SARS-CoV-2 has resulted in the outbreak of a respiratory disorder called COVID-2019.

Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) pandemic has placed an overwhelming health and

economic burden and, possibly, has had a dramatic impact on emotional regulation.

Reducing interactions among people is seen as critical to reducing the propagation of the novel coronavirus (COVID-2019 A variety of non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs), such as closure of non-essential businesses, stay at home orders, or school closings have been put in place to contain the virus , with apparent success in advanced countries.

Zoonotic origins

COVID-2019 may be a zoonotic virus. From phylogenetics analyses undertaken with available full genome sequences, bats appear to be the reservoir of COVID-2019 virus, but the intermediate host(s) has not yet been identified. However, three important areas of labor are already underway in China to tell our understanding of the zoonotic origin of this outbreak. These include early investigations of cases with symptom onset in Wuhan throughout December 2019, environmental sampling from the Huanan Wholesale Seafood Market and other areas markets, and also the collection of detailed records on the source and kind of wildlife species sold at the Huanan market and also the destination of these animals after the market was closed.

Routes of transmission

COVID-2019 is transmitted via droplets and fomites during close unprotected contact between an infector and infectee. The airborne spread has not been reported for COVID-2019 and it’s not believed to be a serious driver of tratransmission supported available evidence; however, it will be envisaged if certain aerosol-generating procedures are conducted in health care facilities. Fecal shedding has been demonstrated from some patients, and a viable virus has been identified during a limited number of case reports. However, the fecal-oral route doesn’t appear to be a driver of COVID-2019 transmission; its role and significance for COVID-2019 remain to be determined. Viral shedding is discussed within the Technical Findings

Main control measures

Monitoring and reporting: COVID-2019 was included within the statutory

 reporting of infectious diseases on 20 January and plans were formulated to

 strengthen diagnosis, monitoring, and reporting.

Strengthening ports of entry and quarantine:
The Customs

 Department launched the emergency plan for public health emergencies at ports

 across the country and restarted the health declaration card system for entry and

 exit into cities similarly as strict monitoring of the temperature of entry and exit


Treatment: For severe or critical patients, the principle of “Four Concentrations”

 was implemented: i.e. concentrating patients, health workers, resources, and

 treatment into special centers. All cities and districts transformed relevant hospitals,

 increased the number of designated hospitals, dispatched medical staff,

 and founded expert groups for consultation, so on minimizing mortality of severe

patients. Medical resources from everywhere China are mobilized to support the

medical treatment of patients in Wuhan.

Epidemiological investigation and close contact management:

Strong epidemiological investigations are being disbursed for cases, clusters, and

 contacts to spot the source of infection and implement targeted control

 measures, like contact tracing.

Social distancing: At the national level, the State Council extended the Spring

 Festival holiday in 2020, all parts of the country actively canceled or suspended 

activities like sports events, cinema, theatre, and schools and colleges all told parts

 of the country postponed reopening after the vacation. Enterprises and institutions

 have staggered their return to figure. Transportation Departments set up thousands

 of health and quarantine stations in service areas, and in entrances and exits for 

passengers at stations. Hubei Province adopted the 

foremost stringent control measures, like suspension of urban conveyance, 

including subway, ferry, and long-distance passenger transport. Every citizen needs

 to wear a mask publically. Home support mechanisms were established. As a

 consequence of all of those measures, public life is extremely reduced.

Funding and material support: Payment of insurance was confiscated by

 the state, similarly because the work to boost accessibility and affordability of

medical materials, provide personal protection materials, and ensure basic living

 materials for affected people.

Emergency material support: The government restored production and expanded production capacity organized key enterprises that have already begun to exceed current production capacity, support local enterprises to expand imports, and used cross-border e-commerce platforms and enterprises to assist import medical materials and improve the power to ensure supplies.

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