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Handicraft is a type of craft where people make things using only their hands or basic tools. The items are usually decorative and have a particular use. Usually the term refers to traditional methods of making things. The items often have cultural or religious value.

Women have always collected things and saved and recycled them because leftovers yielded nourishment in new forms. The decorative functional objects women made often spoke in a secret language, bore a covert imagery. When we read these images in needlework, in paintings, in quilts, rugs and scrapbooks, we sometimes find a cry for help, sometimes an allusion to a secret political alignment, sometimes a moving symbol about the relationships between men and women.

Handicraft is also sometimes expressed as artisanic handicraft and sometimes also called artisanry. and it is a traditional main sector or craft. Handicraft is the art of creating products using raw and indigenous materials. It develops the skills and creative interests of person towards a particular craft or trade. Handicraft is distinguished from the Art and Crafts category is some manner, such as handicraft items are intended to be used, worn, etc., having a purpose beyond simple decoration. Handicraft goods are generally considered more traditional work. Where as Art and crafts implies more of a hobby pursuit and a demonstration/perfection of a creative technique.



Antiques can take us back to a time from our past and make us feel nostalgic.